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Embracing the Spirituality of Art and Awareness Through Textiles.

Through the use of cutting-edge features, and unique fabrics to unveil the characteristics of a silhouette.  One London-based label has devised a way to connect these components, to capture the dynamic consciousness of the wearers.

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Katya Dobryakova. Designer With Intellectual Humor

Art and fashion are always together and today fashion and technology. What if we added art between the worlds of fashion and technology it could be explosive, but when it comes together it produces something pretty cool. Katya Dobryakova, contemporary Russian fashion designer who has something to say, designs with satire and ironic messages. 

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A Quest For Extraordinary

As a London-based jeweler that works with precious metals, Niza Huang references to her “imagination and environment to create beautiful sculptural jewelry,” which is always created by hand. Her background in the arts and jewelry making is supplied with a degree in industrial design, an evident trait, when you look at the level of scrupulosity with which Huang’s jewelry is crafted.

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