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Katya Dobryakova. Designer With Intellectual Humor

Art and fashion are always together and today fashion and technology. What if we added art between the worlds of fashion and technology it could be explosive, but when it comes together it produces something pretty cool. Katya Dobryakova, contemporary Russian fashion designer who has something to say, designs with satire and ironic messages. 

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Gosia Herba

Gosia Herba is multiply artist-illustrator. Her work includes painting, drawing, graphic designer and comics. One of my favorite works of Gosia it's an amazing surreal portraits in profile with gorgeous color palettes. She is doing hand paintings on canvas, gif-files, hand-drawn aesthetics, covers for music records, custom playing cards and ceramic illustration designs. 

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Chad Wys

It’s a symbol of death. Or life, depending on perspective. It represents both the mind and the body; sometimes it serves as a warning, other times as a reflection of mortality. From the Skulls of Jericho to the skulls of Damien Hurst and C. Allan Gilbert, the human skull has been used for centuries as an emblematic artistic vehicle. 

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