A Quest For Extraordinary

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As a London-based jeweler that works with precious metals, Niza Huang references to her “imagination and environment to create beautiful sculptural jewelry,” which is always created by hand. Her background in the arts and jewelry making is supplied with a degree in industrial design, an evident trait, when you look at the level of scrupulosity with which Huang’s jewelry is crafted. Surprisingly ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing, her creations speak to the heart, coming to life a result of a well thought-out concept.

Huang started her brand as personal query into unknown, an exploration of self and the world that surrounds her. “I’ve always adored the physical feel of jewelry. It reveals one’s personality, history, emotion and memories, and these elements are pivotal in making my jewelry come alive. I wanted to express myself, and I also wanted for people to see my unique point of view,” she says stressing that “The process of making jewelry comes to life by adding character; and realizing an idea into a 3-D wearable sculpture attracts me tremendously. These are the reasons why I created Niza Huang jewelry line.”

The talented designer gathers her inspiration from a variety of sources: “I love street art, and I observe small elements around me. I love to spend time in natural environments, with plants and as close to the Earth as possible. I pay attention to the smallest of details. I also admire installation artworks and draw my inspiration from them. When a huge 3-D art piece interacts with the space, the visual outcome is often very shocking. Henrique Oliveira's monumental wooden installation is one of those examples.” 

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Niza Huang doesn’t have a strong interest in following fashion or trends, but rather prefers to create the artwork and trend completely of her own making. Inspired by the powers of nature, she dives into the depths of creation, searching for new ways of expressing her vision, connecting to the divine and inventing new techniques along the way. And her recent collection is the proof of that.

“My collection, Crush, is a continuation of my fascination with the natural sculpture of organic formations. I delve even deeper into the subject. For Crush, I developed a different technique, using a very thin metal to create shapes, and it was a difficult challenge,” she points out. “Crush surveys our connection to the planet, highlighting the cyclical nature of life on earth. Although the pieces have a glam rock edge, this jagged effect is the result of very delicate and painstaking work.” 

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Huang’s fascination with self-exploration and her powerful bond with nature are also responsible for strong connection with her customer base. “Most of my customers are either designers, or have a job in a creative field, and they are often very expressive when showing their appreciation for my work. And I can’t say it doesn’t make me feel deliriously happy and blessed.”

The designer creates her unorthodox pieces in gold plated or sterling silver and spirit quartz. Her jewelry is also often unisex and as Huang points out, “cufflinks are one of those unisex pieces.” She explains her startling attention to details as a way of explaining someone’s mystique. “I think the smaller details and elements tell more about the inner character of the person. A man will stand out in the crowd if he has a nice pair of cufflinks.” 

Amidst her very busy work schedule, Huang makes the time to ponder and recharge, finding infinite inspiration sources in her travels. “I haven’t been to many places in the world, but my trip to New Zealand in 2011 inspired me a lot. I was touched by the pure power of nature; which made me feel, on one hand, so small and simple, but content and appreciated at the same time. This trip freed and influenced me deeply, affecting all of my work as a result.” 

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Niza Huang’s mission to create extraordinary by means of passionate exploration and clever inventions can be deemed as a definite success story. She strives to create even more unforgettable gem and metal art pieces, feeling blessed with what she had achieved and looking fearlessly into the future. 

“I am very happy about what I have created so far, and as long as I am happy with what I’m doing, I think I’ll do well. I am planning to add two additional product lines: one is simple and more affordable, and another one is fine jewelry, which will be made in real gold and platinum.” We can only imagine how glorious the two new product lines will look like, and we are waiting impatiently to see them.