Embracing the Spirituality of Art and Awareness Through Textiles.

Words Toya Henry

Through the use of cutting-edge features, and unique fabrics to unveil the characteristics of a silhouette.  One London-based label has devised a way to connect these components, to capture the dynamic consciousness of the wearers. AT-ONE-MENT by Wanging Huang, which means “all-in-one” and “unity.” Forms a connection between the emotions of the garments and the wearer, offering a refreshing perspective based on artistic aesthetics.   

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Applying consciousness, passion, and substance as tools to emphasize a refined dressing experience. Designer Wanbing Huang embraces art and experimentation as leading components for Spring 2019.  Focusing on female's most subtle emotions, and their journey of self-discovery. This season's, theme "La Lumiere Interieure" was gathered from the designer's inspiration, "La cicatrice Interieure." An avant-garde French film, where a woman overcomes her emotional agony and desolation through self-resistance, eventually learning the definition of life.  Being deeply moved, Ms. Huang reflects on her influence from the film to present this breakthrough experience, creating a feminine yet persistent style as the foundation for her designs.

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Going deep down into the emotion and consciousness, and sinking into a light that contains everything, ready to be embraced, to be healed, to be protected, to emerge, to be a whole. With a pure attitude, AT-ONE-MENT pursues female consciousness, emotion, and soul, dedicates to explore the most delicate dressing experience.
— Wanbing Huang

The romantically fluid collection of elegantly draped gowns that molded beautifully to the frame of the models, and the impeccably tailored suits with a splash of glamour, attached an artistically opulent aspect to the collection. It's no mistake that the charming style of the garments was visually fascinating and intense.  However, there was something devilishly intelligent about the evening ensembles. The designer's use of lace and organza, overlapping each other caused the silhouettes to appear more prominent. Plus, the use of exquisite embroidery techniques to form three-dimensional floral embellishments added a layered look to the garments.   

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AT-ONE-MENT by Wanbing Huang Spring collection unmistakably achieved the essence of femininity, with their assemblage of textiles. Down to the delicate details placed against the severe industrial surroundings during the presentation. Creating a visually striking balance between soft and slightly sharp features.  Exhibiting Wanbing Huang understanding for designing artistically captivating garments and accessories that confident women unquestionably desire.


Images Courtesy of Vald Agency