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TR/ST Synthesized Persuasion

An avid admirer of eighties electronic vibes, Toronto artist Robert Alfons of TR/ST. Delivers a trance of hallucinatory synthesizers and introverted melodies that create a mesmerizing energy of rapture. TR/ST latest single “Bicep”, sound is vengeful and seductive. An entertaining track that builds intense infatuation.

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Rise And Shine

As pianos collect dust and electronic music threatens world domination, musician Taylor McFerrin perches somewhere in the middle ground, balancing one keyboard in each hand. On one side is live instrumentals, vocal recordings, impassioned collaborations - traditional forms of music with soul. Then there’s the electronic production, the laptop keyboard that allows for mixing and experimenting, slicing and dicing. 

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We all know Kate Nash as a singer, songwriter and musician, but what we didn’t know about her yet is that she became an ambassador for Plan’s Because I am a girl initiative. Balancing the release of her new album Girl Talk and finishing her US tour, Kate managed to

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