Rise And Shine


As pianos collect dust and electronic music threatens world domination, musician Taylor McFerrin perches somewhere in the middle ground, balancing one keyboard in each hand. On one side is live instrumentals, vocal recordings, impassioned collaborations - traditional forms of music with soul. Then there’s the electronic production, the laptop keyboard that allows for mixing and experimenting, slicing and dicing. After a long run of live performances, the one  man show that is McFerrin has finally released his debut album, Early Riser. Aside from collaborative tracks, the entirety of the soaring range of sounds and instrumentals on Early Riser are all performed by McFerrin himself. Signed by Flying Lotus’ indie label Brainfeeder, McFerrin makes it evident that the future of electronic soul is now more than just a pinprick of light on the horizon.

            “I try to make it sound like I was finding samples here and there, but it was really all stuff that I recorded and chopped up,” McFerrin explained of his production process. Hundreds of individual layers had to be created to develop the eventual depth of Early Riser, with McFerrin taking over five years to meticulously attempt perfection.  Continue The Journey...