Wonder Women

Words. Arielle Chambers

With Comic-Con well underway, Japanese super group, Cheeky Parade brought their talents to the stage on Sunday, October 12th, alongside other musical acts at the CBGB Festival.  Performing several high-energy songs, Cheeky Parade engaged the crowd and created a wonderfully nostalgic ambiance. 

The nine-girl group, ranging from ages 15 to 20, incorporated their singing and dancing abilities to cultivate the hearts of the audience.  Despite the language barrier in their songs, the spectators sang along (as best they could, respectively), danced, and gave an overwhelmingly positive response.  

Due to their major success in Japan after forming in 2012, Cheeky Parade has acquired a strong following.  Out of the copious supporters in their country, the girls granted 60 of their biggest fans the opportunity to travel to New York with them.  The 60 joined together in the middle of the Times Square audience and caused a great spectacle, singing every word of Cheeky Parade’s songs and jumping through the air, as well as lifting one another.  The fans certainly added to the excitement of the show.  

Despite performances of intense dancing and singing, Cheeky Parade’s fashion sense prevailed and should be noted.   The girls’ wardrobe consisted of a mixing of silks and tulle.  The outfits sported by the girls were very Japanese-inspired, and unique to the group’s culture.  Studs against the silk added a great contrast to the girls’ youthful ensemble.  Hair accessories were worn by every single group member-most of which were floral arrangement pieces.  

Internationally known, reaching a high level of success at such young ages, Cheeky Parade’s talents should not be taken lightly.  The group is currently planning to keep producing songs and traveling to the States. 

For an inside look at Cheeky Parade's visit to NYC, featuring a snippet of their performance at CBGB Festival click the video link above. To check out more information, visit www.cheekyparade.jp