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The Latest Design Experiment

Dubbed as experimental luxury footwear, the mysterious results behind Aletheia sleek appeal mesmerizes you with their appreciation for classic footwear. The Venezuelan designer Diana Carolina Yanes devises from an eclectic influence, providing a range of possibilities.


Metaphoric Tales Of Sentiment

Mesmerized by the ethereal charm of a girl in solitude who encounters an enchanting journey identifies what lies on the surface immediately upon viewing Los Angeles-based and China born artist Mandy Cao. Her whimsical tales of metaphoric objects and figures instantly forge a bond between the illustrated characters and spectator. 

The vivid portrait of designer Chenghui Zhang’s grandmother’s tale is very sentimental. The designer develops a liberating contemporary vision constructing garments that hold great symbolism of a moment and place. Zhang’s powerful conceptual design communicates with the viewer and wearer, linking lineage to fashion without theatrics.