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Dejan Despotovic, a Serbian designer who strategically chose to bless New York with his designs is an unmatchable talent. Upon completing his studies in High textile school in Belgrade, he focused on what he believed to be his calling creating his line BLACK’D.  Striving for his clothing to “not [being] just a label,” Despotovic reaches far beyond normalcy.  He places emphasis on detail and design and is wholeheartedly loyal to the color black.  Despotovic’s ultimate goal is to stir the idea of something being BLACK’D, “entered by myself, in my own world and create my own niche”.  

In Nu-Mode´ interview with Despotovic the intention was to depict his mind and acquire insight on his design aesthetic:

What led you to start a career in design and fashion?

When I was a child, I often visited my grandmother and used to watch she was doing. Eventually these visits initiated my interest in art, drawing and sketching. That made me realized it was something that I really liked. I started focusing on how people would dress in the street and I would ask myself ‘What would I change?’ This led to me sketching people that I saw and remembered and thinking of how I could change their style. It was fun when I was younger and it still is right now.


So why New York?

I was thinking about whether I should go to New York or London, but I picked New York because right now I’m in a position where I have the experience and I’ve had my time as a young designer doing crazy stuff. For me New York has that serious vibe in fashion and business. “You stay in New York, When you start in New York”.

Why did you choose black as the dominant color?

It’s hard to explain because that’s my internal feeling. I always love depressing music although I’m a happy person. When I’m alone and think about creating something, I go to the dark side and I’m always stuck over there, which I enjoy. It’s where I actually get the most inspiration, especially from classical music. That dark world inspired by music, gives a little bit of femininity.  


What led you to the geometrics in your clothing?

I always want to put femininity and masculinity in my clothes and accessories. These lines are definitely the most elegant way I can actually make something feminine more masculine. The lines make it a bit rougher.

Who is your target consumer?

There is a range of probably 20 to 45-50 or so, older women who admire clothes and want to look different, so they’re not scared. The younger women prefer the leather piece. 


Can you explain why you place so much emphasis on the phrase “Not Just A Label?”

It’s not just a label; that’s why. It’s really something that’s my eternal life and healing and I’m not good at describing it 100%, because when you have an imagination, you can’t describe everything. It’s totally stylized and simplified. The process is a bit longer, so the final product is really something that’s simplified. BLACK’D is the reflection of something I imagined and transformed. 

What can we expect from you in the near future?

More collections of course.  I will try to stay consistent.  BLACK’D, will evolve into something different. I wont stay on this level. This is a start. All these pieces play off the black color and skin color. I will try to develop the idea of something “being BLACK’D.”  Literally.  

Despotovic is scheduled to release his newest collection of bags, which are available in black and white. 

For more information on the designer, visit here.

Images Courtesy of BLACK'D