The focus, clean lines, sharp craftsmanship and versatility, are a few ways to describe New York based womenswear line, PRISCA Vera. Touching base with an extensive audience, by revamping the elegant aesthetic. PRISCA Vera transcends elegance into a modern form of relaxed and immaculate silhouettes.

The designer, PRISCA Vera Famchetti, delivers a sophisticated balance within her garments that captures the spirit of youth, redefining the perception on classic aesthetics. Although the brand is in the early stages of development, Franchetti demonstrates her awareness for modern women desires, creating designs for the spirited and dapper. However when it comes down to women's fashion, the objective is taking risks and creating something refined, and with Franchetti’s label, her designs concentrate on refreshing concepts. In general we’re looking forward to the ideal growth of PRISCA Vera as she expands further into a brand that celebrates the spirit of sharp craftsmanship and key essentials.


Images Courtesy Of PRISCA Vera