The Luminous Gem Neon Hitch


Interview & Words Alexandra Stevens

Some people, it seems, are born to experience things. Neon Hitch is one of those people. Living everywhere from inside a converted school bus to deep in the jungles of India, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter has lived enough lives to make a cat jealous. In fact, simply labeling her a singer-songwriter barely touches the surface of the countless titles Hitch has held throughout her life; add circus performer, yogi, LGBT advocate, and businesswoman, and you’ve at least got a good start. Inspired by her father’s career as a light technician, her parents gave her the name Neon, setting her extraordinary future in stone.

            Shortly after she was born, their family home in England burnt down. Instead of buying or building a new one, they bought a bus and decided to hit the road. A tattoo of a pink bus on Hitch’s forearm, one of many, pays homage to her caravan lifestyle. By the time she was small child she had joined a circus, sparking a lifelong passion for performance arts with fire swinging, trapeze art, and stilt walking. A self-proclaimed gypsy, the colorful and vibrant Hitch has repetitively intoned that home is wherever she lays her headscarf.


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