Interview Latoya P. Henry

Accentuating the characteristics of minimalism and femininity, Oslo based designer Elisabeth Stray Pedersen constructs distinctive pieces with the ability to transition the wearer’s look, day into night. Grasping the demands of modern women. Pedersen understands how to manifest designs, which the consumer can relate too while remaining true to her design aesthetic. Her objective is not only creating beautiful clothes, but to broaden the knowledge around identity and style. During our discussion Pedersen reveals what’s substantial to design and how we define our identity through the garments we wear.

Your encounter with design, when did you know you wanted to become a designer and tell us a bit about who is Elisabeth Stray Pedersen? 

Both of my parents were very encouraging when it came to expressing creativity from an early age. My mother stitched a lot herself in the 70s she designed and made her own clothes, which she kept archived in the house for me to check out. My dad loved photography, filmmaking and building things. I loved to make something from whatever leftover I found in the house, and I would stand in front of the mirror draping different fabrics around me from an early age. I was a bit misunderstood on how I liked to dress as a kid, and felt like I could relate better to fashion in magazines.

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