P u r e  C o n n e c t i o n s


Words Arielle Chambers

"Everything is connected through a thin line.” Martha Chamoun, an emerging footwear and accessories designer uses her theories of connectedness and purity to create her new collection, CONNECTIONWITH.  

After studying design in Polimoda, Florence, Chamoun implemented the skills she acquired in design school and used them to serve as a catalyst to her product.  Purity is a continuing theme within CONNECTIONWITH.  The line combines pure thoughts and pure materials to create women’s shoes.  Each shoe contains the “super-soft” material, memory foam.  Memory foam places emphasis on Chamoun’s desire to create a comfortable shoe.  The material also serves as an unconventional material, making CONNECTIONWITH such a unique shoe collection.  CONNECTIONWITH projects an overall sports-like feel.  Along with the sportswear detail, the collection gives off the soul of Italian classic handmade shoes.  


Featured on CONNECTIONWITH’s website are black and white platform shoes, gray strapped sneakers, and a muted bag.  Chamoun paid close attention to detail in each item.  A small, cohesive feature of the shoes and the bags is the illusion of foam oozing from various areas.  The use of whites and grays also contributes to CONNECTIONWITH’s unique aesthetic.  Items in the collection give off complex minimalism, due to the intentional use of pure color in juxtaposition with the intricate detail of the pieces.  

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