Words Irina Romashevskaya

From February to mid-April a small town in China gets covered with a dense layer of haze and fog. The air becomes saturated with water vapor and when humidity reaches its peak, it starts to drizzle. The two most miserable couple of months in the entire year are also the most memorable. The mystery behind the fog becomes an inspiration.

This is how Haze was born.

Photographer - Brandon Mercer
Producer - Nicholas Turk
Stylist - Lisa Jarvis
Set Design - Stewart Gerard
Makeup Artist - Renee Garnes @ Wilhelmina
Hair Stylist - Anthony Joseph Hernandez @ Wilhelmina
Manicurist - Gerry Holford @ The Wall Group
Models - Jennifer Pugh @ Muse + Nuel McGough @ One.1
Set Assistants - Dylan Agnell, Jenna Levine
Photo Assistants - Jack Schow & Jesse Dreyfus
Special Thank you to - Katharine Gray & Dune Studios
BTS Video - Mark I. Davis

Shot on BMCC, Sigma 18-35mm, Nikon 85mm, Fuji LUT. Song used without permission.