Living Life Surreal


Words Arielle Chambers

People have often served as muses for artists.  Tristan Pigott’s fascination with human characteristics is no exception.  Combining artistic surrealism with human action, Pigott expresses his perspective on how people perform everyday tasks.  Pigott uses oil on linen to artistically exploit actions such as shaving, eating, dancing, and expressing one’s own fashion sense.  Over the years, Pigott “has added larger, freer brushstrokes to help deconstruct backgrounds, creating more space and allowing the viewer’s eye to pass around the piece easily.”  His stresses the importance of his work’s purpose to detach from reality. 

Pigott’s artwork is highly narrative and has a humorous undertone.  Paintings are relatable and are seen in light fun.  “Urban Neurosis” and “Sunday Morning Overground” catch viewers’ attention because of the satirical use of alcohol.  “Showing the Ink” was a personal favorite.  I enjoy the edgy undertones of the girl with the tattoo inside of her mouth.  London mainly houses this artist’s work.  However, for more information and an online collection of his work, visit Tristian Pigott.