These Thoughts Her Journal

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Kyrsten Bates.

Interview Latoya P. Henry

Photography Lumia Nocito


This series presents a person of interest; because lets face it everyone is interesting. From royalty to homeless, we all have a story to tell.  We wanted to investigate the thoughts of a person from a new angle. These thoughts. Her-His Journal. Is a visual observation diary, which reveals a vivid perspective from the person who is behind the camera lens. We accompany the person of interest to discuss the roots of who they are, where they want to be and where they’re going.

Name: Kyrsten Bates

Occupation: Model, DJ, Producer, Actress, Singer, Rapper, Creative Director, and Stylist

Location: NYC

Favorite Food: Jamaican food for the irie rastafari summers growing up


Describe a typical day for you? Are there any hidden surprises normally or you're pretty much a straight arrow?

Every day for me is a new surprise honestly. In HS I always thought these years would be the most pressured years of my life, but every day I find myself contemplating over a ray of possibilities that will somehow lead me to what I want in this life. The freedom that comes with literally being able to choose what I want to do every day in order to achieve my dream is an indescribable feeling. It's hard to describe one day, because I try to do something different to work towards my dreams every day. Whether it’s shooting, styling, creative direction, brainstorming and vibing on music ideas with homies, going to an event to network and get inspired or the business side, which is setting up meetings, confirming gigs, going to a casting, answering emails, etc. I find myself enjoying every step, even with occasional roadblocks; it's all worth it.

Nu Mode Magazine These Thoughts Her Journal Kyrsten Bates Photography Lumia Nocito

Go Sees, Go Sees, share a bit about the highs and lows on Go Sees?

I've always enjoyed castings. I genuinely believe in the art of fashion and how beautiful it is to support a designer’s line, because it's the same thing as supporting someone's artwork that will inspire generations of people. Walking into a casting, you can never just assume what's going to happen, it could be an amazing experience that could change your life forever, or it could be some of your most stressful days, shifting the way you view society. But overall, you will really find yourself learning something new every single time. At a casting you’re surrounded by models from all over the world, you will find that everyone is there for a different reason in terms of what it means to them. Some models are there cause they genuinely want a steady income, some are there to support their families, some started super early because of an opportunity that came to them as a kid, and some are there because they want something to do and want to be in the "scene" and around famous people. But then you will also come across people that grew up with this dream, the ones that go out of their way to make sure they eat & shower by 6am, to arrive at a casting for 7am. People that dedicate their entire life to the industry, I’m not saying that either one is better or worst, but you get the opportunity to choose what kind of model you want to be by being exposed to all of that.


Talk about what keeps you motivated and how you manage to stay positive through challenging obstacles?

With everything I do it's definitely easy to get overwhelmed and stressed, you get a million no's before a yes, and have to convince a lot of people to believe in you the way you believe in yourself. If your passion means that much to you, that alone is what will motivate you every day to keep trying. My passions, my gifts, the people I love, and the things that really resonate with me motivate me and keep me positive through obstacles.


You have a cool vibe, what's the best way to find a moment of inner peace and happiness?

Thanks! I appreciate that. I don't want to say it's easy to stay chill at hard times because it's something I’m still working on myself, but I think finding moments every day of humbleness and understanding towards ourselves and other people is really important. Because usually its other people that tend to affect us personally through our interactions. What’s more important is the way you interact with yourself because that is the base. You really can't allow yourself to open up to others until you accept yourself first. So I would say being aware of your feelings, and accepting yourself are two really important ways of finding inner peace and happiness. 


How do you shoot the shit with your crew? 

A lot my friends are either artists, actors, models, or writers, in one-way or another. I've been really lucky growing up right in the middle of NYC and coming across people like them. Usually we shoot the shit by chilling, smoking weed, talking about the intricate concepts of life and the industry, making music, or talking ideas. Always good vibes and a good time, I have a lot of respect for my friends.


Reveal what are your moment's guilty pleasures after 8pm.

When I can't fall asleep I love to get chocolate mousse cake from the deli across the street from my house, sit on the couch, drink milk and watch movies. I like spending time meditating on my balcony, getting fresh air relaxes me. I'm really excited summer is coming because summer nights are my favorite times of the year. I love staying out all night with friends and exploring. I also love having nights to myself to take walks, manifest and reflect on things.


If you had to select a phrase to live by, what would it be?

There was a quote I came across recently on insta that I really found a lot of value in. 

"If you feel you're in last place, get out and start your own game. If you feel like you have a chance, try harder. And if you're in first place, continue to reinvent yourself. You make the rules. Everything you see around you can be changed". -@adrienneraquel

I think this is a very motivational quote because it reminds me that there’s never an end to anything. There’s always an opportunity to reconnect to your source and completely reinvent yourself, sometimes we give up and convince ourselves trying over isn't an option.


The modern age visual journal is Instagram, what do you normally like to document and how does your visual journal make you feel?

A "visual journal" is a good way of describing it because I really look at my instagram as my visual diary. My instagram consists of things that happen to me every day, things that catch my eye, and things that really define my thought process. Even though I have a lot of my own work on my Instagram, it is very personal to me in the way that I’m publically displaying my mood every day. It is an amazing feeling to have supporters on instagram, because my instagram is such an extension of myself. It feels like people are supporting me for who I really am. Not just guessing who I am from endless modeling pictures and selfies, but genuinely getting a taste of my mind.


How often do you recap on past materials you featured on your feed? 

I find myself looking back on my feed when I went through something. In addition I noticed it’s like a lifetime journal you always have, that's why I usually don't like deleting personal pictures and having so many pictures on Instagram in general, they are all memories and an amazing way to document your life and understand why you are, where you are in your present moment.


Describe your definition of art?

I think art is the Universe, art is God, and art is life and death. Art is everything; and everything can be made into art. It’s something that is so broad and indescribable and important to this world. My definition of art is whatever resonates with my soul. When I come across it, whether it is a person, poem, beautiful day, picture, or even a few words someone says to you in passing. Art is love and art is beauty. 


How do you view love?

Love is something that really keeps us all going. I view love as the blood that pumps our veins, the spirit of faith within ourselves. It starts with our parents/caretakers, the first people that show us what love is. I think its amazing the way we grow older and come more and more into terms with who we are as individuals, and take those lessons our parents teach us and find our own personal definition of it. Whether it is with friends, someone you're in a relationship with, family, or your passions. I don’t believe that you can really love material objects unless it's an instrument to create something bigger. Love is such a surreal concept that you can't add negativity to and succeed at. it's something you cannot call or control. It's what saves us all at the end of the day.


Visually, what captivates your perspective? 

There’s definitely a wide range, but I should say what captivates my perspective are things that are effortlessly beautiful. Things that represent balance and polarity, things that cannot fit into one category. I love finding beauty in everything that is real. I can't find beauty in falseness or lies. I love it when something attracts my eye at a gallery for example, and immediately I want to know about the artist. I want to know the history to it, what in their environment and thought process leads them to create this peace of work? I'm captivated by background stories and the reality of things.