The Distinction Of Timeless Essentials

There was a time when insignificant items gave us excitement. Magazines and television advertised having more was better. Somehow the desire for more is dying. The eagerness for minimal style and living exhilarates. New designers are no longer competing for consumers instead they want to educate on essentials and develop timeless items that are beneficial not trendy nor seasonal. In fact, self-taught designer Gittit Szwarc of Knobbly Studio gives prominence to minimal elements of design such as educating consumers on timeless wear while constructing elaborate chic yet uncomplicated jewelry and accessories

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The Nu Journal_ Knobbly Studio_Deconstructed_Nude_earring

Self dubbed as a “Jewelry Engineer” Szwarc concentrates on functionality, tailoring indispensable jewelry that becomes one with the body while interacting with the wearer’s facial structure and neckline.  Emphasis is placed on the visualization of distinctive angles when gazing at the wearer.  Stripped of many elements to focus on the delicacy of line and texture. The characteristics of the label's designs look great with any wearer.


The knobbly Studio is sourced locally in Jaffa, Israel where the team manufactures each item by hand using several precious metals and gems. The studio is a conceptual space that connects artistry with consumer. Hosting collaborations with many artists to build a diverse community with countless brands. Knobbly Studio intentions are to understand the background of the woman or man who connects with their aesthetic. Generating a label based on things they love for people to share.

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