After graduating from ESMOD Berlin in 2007, designer Janine Grosche went on to explore a divergent genre of menswear, devoted strictly to an archetype of the modern man. Based in both Europe and China, Grosche launched the epic label PATH in 2011, distinguishing her approach to menswear as contemporary minimalism, radical modernism and nonchalant elegance, providing the wearer with a non-traditional sense of menswear. With a focus on clean lines in both masculine and androgynous silhouettes, Grosche explains the gentleman of PATH is a confident person who appreciates the aesthetic of design and is unafraid to take risks. The focal point of the spring/summer 2014 collection "Presence" was clearly the digital prints, which revealed the labels sportier characteristics, without losing the refined look. Escaping trends while focusing on the craftsmanship and quality of the designs, PATH is deeply aware of the fashion forward man. Designer Janine Grosche talks to us about her newfound interest in digital prints, and how she wants to reformat how we perceive menswear.

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