Obscure Reality





Interview Arielle Chambers

Obscure. Abstract. Illusionary. Art takes many forms-in ways deeply personal to its creator. Patricia Voulgaris’s selected medium is photography. However, she fights against the realism of capturing the standard image. Instead she dives into an enigma, showing the audience not everything is, as it seems. Her up-for-interpretation, unique take on “what is”, makes her photographs ones to remember. It makes them masterpieces.



“I decompose, I enlarge, and so to speak, I retard,” Voulgaris explains her perceptual process. The very process is one that results in the photographic genius she encompasses. Her photographs, mainly in deeply contrasted black and whites or heavily saturated colors, require a long lasting study; her work is not easily understood by quick glance. Voulgaris explores geometrics and incorporates them into the image. Crisp, original and personal Patricia Voulgaris collections possess such emotion, such a story.




Who is Patricia Voulgaris? Where are you from and where are you located currently?

She is a photographer from New York that graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2013 with a BFA in photography. Her work has been exhibited in New York, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. She recently completed a residency at the Camera Club of New York and was chosen, as 2014 PDN's "The Curator" grand prizewinner.


Where do you gather inspiration for a series? 

I usually gather inspiration from looking at work that I admire. Specifically, contemporary photography and painting.  


Sum up your style of photography with four words? 

Abstract, shapes, shadow, light


Is there a specific practice you use to form your subject material?

 No there is not.


The selections between colors versus monochrome, which do you prefer? Do you feel each attribute manifest a different outcome? Why?

 I do not have a particular preference. Each photograph has a different intention. Which, the viewer can interpret in multiple ways. 


What contributed to your use of black and white?

I've always been attracted to black and white photography, mainly for it's ability to transform images graphically.




"I am interested in language because it wounds or seduces me" -Roland Barthes


Is there something you want your images to reflect?

I hope that viewers question and reflect on, their own memories.


The series “Fragments” could be describe as?

A graphic memory.


Name a few elements that have served as a muse for your work?

The work of Thomas Demand and constructive criticism from fellow peers.  

Places and spaces you would like to visit?

California, Italy, and Iceland


The next step for Patricia Voulgaris?

To keep making art!