Julie Guez and Kelly Kreye are as different as they are alike.  Guez, a native of France, was a protégé of the legendary Paolo Roversi before moving on to the Brooklyn photo studio she now calls home.  Kreye, a native of Alberta Canada traveled the world as a male fashion model, before joining with Guez to make the powerful photography duo they now call NESS.

JM: What was your first experience in the fashion industry?

Kelly: When I was really young I would go to the mall with my Mom and two sisters and they would shop for hours while I sat there and waited... I didn't mind as long as I was spending time with them.

Julie: Studio Pin Up in Paris, I was doing an internship at their lab.  Working on the contact sheets of many different fashion photographers, I knew straight away I wanted to be on set.  I bothered and harassed the former studio manager non-stop to take me in his studio’s photo assistant team until he finally did.  I'm so grateful to Pin Up Studio and their whole team.


"You fix the tripod in the ground, you fix the camera tight, and you let your soul fly free."


JM: Julie, you had the tremendous experience of assisting legendary fashion photographer, Paulo Roversi.  What was that experience like and what do you feel was the greatest thing you learned from that experience?

Julie: One of the best times of my life so far… an amazing man, a master.  It was like a spiritual photographic journey. The main thing Paolo taught me is to go where my heart leads me, always. He used to say, "You fix the tripod in the ground, you fix the camera tight, and you let your soul fly free."

JM: Kelly, how do you feel your career as a model has influenced the way you work behind the camera?

Kelly: [Having modeled] gives me the feeling that I'm more connected to what is going on around me, which allows me to relax and, I believe, enjoy the moment much more than I would have without that initial experience.  Continue Reading...

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