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Interview Irina Romashevskaya

Images Courtesy Of BEVZA


Bevza is a Ukrainian womenswear line that started in 2006 under direction of Svetlana Bevza. Since then, it successfully emerged as a smart, sophisticated, minimalist clothing collection for independent women that appreciate quality and craftsmanship. The line is currently sold in select stores and boutiques around the world.

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“I started BEVZA in 2006 and it has gained an incredible amount of support, which meant I was lucky enough to be named Best Womenswear Designer 2013 at the Best Fashion Awards arranged by Ukrainian Fashion Week. All of my efforts now go into the continuous development of BEVZA as I spend all my time researching and designing for my next collection. It’s a lot of work, but I’m really happy with the brand and what I’ve achieved so far!” The brand’s aesthetic is anchored in building an individual point of view within a clean, minimalist clothing line. “BEVZA is simple, sophisticated and clean. My designs are always comfortable and versatile. Our must-have item [of every season] is a white dress.” Bevza was also created with a particular customer in mind. “A young, professional woman who is sophisticated and enjoys quality things in life – it’s a woman that respects herself and lives in her own unique way.”

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Back in her studio in Kiev, Ukraine, Svetlana creates her notable pieces, drawing her inspiration from a variety of sources. “I draw my inspiration from everywhere… Sometimes I just read books or watch films, but then I’m also inspired by my immediate surroundings; previous work and sometimes just by ideas that come into my head when I least expect it.” The usual design process consists of research and a few visual references. “I start with an initial idea that has come to mind and then I begin researching. It’s a mix of trend research, my own visual inspiration, key fabrics, and putting it all together to fit the brand identity. Once I have a better idea of what I want to design, I start experimenting with fabrics and silhouettes until I have something I’m really happy with. My collections are usually built around a handful of key pieces.”

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A part of Svetlana’ inspiration comes from her numerous travel adventures. “I love travelling! It fulfills me with new emotions and it’s always a feast for my eyes. Indirectly, it inspires me always. I think it’s incredibly important for every fashion designer to immerse yourself in foreign cultures and open your eyes to the world.” Svetlana’s favourite vacation spot is Paris; it’s the place that sparks her creativity and where she recharges her batteries. “Paris is the city of endless inspiration to me.  A city that breathes fashion, a city that is made from beauty... I travel there a lot because of my work, but I sometimes like to go just for the weekend.”


Svetlana’s work for Bevza is already impressive and she also gained a bit of momentum in the past season. “We dressed emerging British singer Laura Mvula for her performance at the first ever BBC Urban Proms this year, and she looked beautiful!” With her dreams of dressing Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton, Svetlana is full of anticipation and excitement for her label in the next years to come. “Now that we have an established foundation in Ukraine, I am starting to work on expanding outside of Kiev and obtaining stockists in the UK and further afield. It’s going to be an exciting time!”