Designer Titania Inglis floats around her home studio in a boxy leather crop top, a barren strip of stomach exposed down to the textured wool of a full skirt. Her personal wardrobe tends to come mostly of her own design - partially for self-promotion, but mostly to have the experience of her own creations. By exposing her clothes to life outside, Inglis can better understand the fit, the fabric, and how her materials break down. It also gives her ideas on how to evolve her designs when coming back to certain cuts or fabrics.


           “I think it’s really important to wear your own designs. As a small designer you don’t really get the chance to quality-test your fabric the way larger companies do, and one way to do that is to just wear things.” Inglis is meticulous and thoughtful in her intent, and aims to design garments that provide flexibility and longevity, without ever being boring. Behind her stands a clothing rack stuffed with multiple design collections, a wash of neutrals and blacks with the occasional peek of buttery yellow. Inglis pulls garments from her latest collection out of bags, unveiling the rich textures and lush materials of Isostasy, Fall/Winter 2014. Italian veg-tanned leather appears as pants and a raw-edged jacket, and a structured wool coat hides beneath its fluffy, Icelandic sheepskin collar. The collection is about 21 pieces including its accessories, and was inspired by its fabrics and a recent trip to Japan.


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