Head Honchos HP Power Up


 Music blazed from Milk Studios on Tuesday, September 23.  People gathered to hear the musical stylings of Grammy-nominated, Luke James.  The beautiful renditions of “Sexual Healing” and “Stay With Me,” as well as a few choice songs from James’s newly released album, only contributed to a portion of HP Power Up’s event.   Power Up catered to over 2000 people.  Tapping into gaming, music mixing, animation, video directing, and architecture, the events were surely for the creative mind.  The presentation demonstrated the advancement of HP and showed the innovation of the technology, going beyond previous boundaries.   Dreamworks’s very own, Kate Swanborg, delivered a presentation on HP’s new technology serves as a catalyst to progressive animation and storytelling.  Swanborg stressed the importance of the limitless creativity within the 250 billion pixels on the screen brought on by HP Z Workstations.  Panel discussions on art and interactive design, amongst other things, including an interview with Daniel Libeskind, were also offered.   It is clear HP is making epic advancements in the art and entertainment industry.  The upbeat scene of the event, and the obvious technology used at the venue showed just how much HP is a true pioneer of media.    


Nu-Mode´ Magazine Coverage Arielle Chambers

Images Courtesy Of HP