When former editor-in-chief of French Vogue, Carine Roitfield, embarked on a new adventure, CR Fashion Book, a film crew guided by Fabien Constant followed her every step, bringing to light behind the scene … Mademoiselle C documents not only the birth of the new magazine, but also a transformation that took place in Carine’s life since she left French Vogue in 2011. Being compared to September issue, the movie offers a gentler approach, and a personal take on the fashion industry, and showcases while showcasing a fresh approach to fashion magazine publishing that stays true to Carine’s aesthetic and taste, but brings a touch of spontaneity.

 When I met with Caroline for an interview, she had just arrived from the film’s screening the day before, stunning in her understated yet elegant ensemble. Speaking in lightly accented English, she was definitely excited about documentary’s outcome. “Everything started as a joke in a way: we did a scene as a joke and suddenly it became a reality. Everything moved so fast: I’m doing a scene, you see the poster and it’s the day of the screening already.”

The camera followed her for four months, but she never really got used to it. “I never get comfortable with the camera, never. And I think not a lot of people are comfortable with it. And when you ask our team – it was a new team for me – oh, you have to be followed by the director and you have to be cool, everyone was really anxious.” Carine is generally very shy and humble about her work. “I’m not a very good actress, I don’t think, but there were great supporting actors in the film. When you see Karl Lagerfeld or Tom Ford, Ricardo Tischi, or someone from my team like Steven Gun, they were all quite good at explaining their work on screen.”

Balancing her family life with her work, Carine manages to find time for nearly everything, but her job is not an easy one, “[In the film] you’ll see me everywhere, just running, running, running… You see me all over town, at the airport in flat shoes – I’m not always wearing high heels – you’ll see me on set doing pictures and….., so working on a magazine is not always that glamorous. People say that to raise kids and to have a family is impossible Continue Reading