Interview Irina Romashevskaya And Images Courtesy of Jules Kim


Bijules is a jewelry line created by an innovator, collaborator and jewelry designer extraordinaire Jules Kim. Unapologetically opinionated about her artistic vision, Jules creates her miniature masterpieces with a much bigger thought behind. What’s important to her is for the wearer to experience the product, feel it and “live through it”. Jules tirelessly researches, innovates and reinvents, and all the creative work she puts in her jewelry reflects in the outcome: numerous international magazine editorials and covers, and a long list of celebrity clients.


Irina Romashevskaya: What can you tell us about your Fall/Winter 2013 collection?

Jules Kim: My new collection will be produced for Spring/Summer 2014. And for this season what I’m doing is highlighting the creative process as my collection. I’ve had 10 years of archival collections and jewelry manifestations. At this point, I really want to showcase that, plus the inspiration, which will ultimately lead into the new collection. I think it’s important that if people are hungry, you should feed them; but if you create hunger, then it’s actually even better for them, because it feeds more of the soul than desperation. In terms of what’s happening in the market now: it’s so saturated. I make quality stuff and I need that voice to be heard over and over again, in my own time and with my own language.


IR: How important is it for you to collaborate with other artists on your projects?

JK: I think it’s really important to collaborate. For my Fall/Winter 2013 collection I wanted the artists to exchange. I have four different artists I’m working with. I’m working with the Lithuanian film director Lina Plioplyte and the Danish stylist Simon Rasmussen. Continue Reading...