What better way to celebrate street art and urban culture than a Mountain Dew and Chaotic Bastards-sponsored event? From August 4th through August 30th, Green Label Gallery is taking submissions for art displays around the time of the dynamic, action-packed sports competition scheduled for August 31st.  

The Green Label Gallery will serve as the exhibition of chosen submissions.  Vast white space will play the role of the canvas for artwork and be transformed into a threshold of original pieces in conjunction with art demonstrations by host group, Chaotic Bastards.  Mountain Dew aims to create a lively atmosphere where all works of art, music and expression can thrive.  Authentically representing the brand of Mountain Dew and its consumers, the company expects to have an event showcasing the energy and personalities of their consumers.  


Walls Art Gallery Amsterdam is hosting the exhibit, Green Label Gallery, from August 28th and remaining open through August 30th.  On August 31, the full exhibition will be viewable.  For submission and viewing purposes, visit Green Label Gallery’s website,  

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