About Last Night...



Words Eleanor Lambert Images Courtesy Of Getty Images


On Monday, September 12th, Rinat Brodach presented her most recent SS17 line, “About Last Night.” Circling the theme of sharing and uniting conceptions of the masculine and feminine, the collection featured pieces that were both oversized and tailored; draping yet styled; classic though singular. Hosted at the AFA Gallery in Soho, guests enjoyed wine from Sand Castle Winery as they gazed upon the 20 unique looks, donned by a group of equally unique models. The evening was warm and enjoyed by all - and particularly by Brodach herself, who could be seen beaming as she mingled with guests, and even dancing with some of the models before the presentation officially began.


The hairstyles in “About Last Night,” though not as overtly appropriative as the now-infamous Marc Jacobs SS 17 line, were nonetheless dreadlocks, and employed on many white models. Styled as ponytails and held together by duct tape, this choice was in keeping with the theme of the feminine meeting the masculine, though one that could be easily interpreted as culturally insensitive.


Despite this, however, the clothing line itself was a masterful display of just how androgyny can be both powerful and delicate, and sultry yet simple. The show, the designer, and the models - who laughed, snapped selfies, and seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves - produced a warmth that left everyone who attended the presentation feeling very much at home.