Words Latoya P. Henry

We're in constant study of the artists who are reshaping the aesthetics of artistry. Modifying the theories of technique, while forming their own interpretations. When generating resources to produce an end result. The artist creates a foundation based on thesis and logic. Through this developmental process, they're able to formulate a concept that engages the viewer.

Investigating the common link between what's unusual and eerie, Manila born artist Nicole Coson first solo exhibition, ' How to Appear Without a Trace' featured at the Display Gallery in London. Showcases the artist desire to investigate further into the philosophies of Freud, while delivering deconstructed figures that viewers may find terrifying, Coson evolves her work into something beautiful and mysterious. In a previous interview I had with the artist, she expresses her intentions to 'create work that can freely speak without prescribed screens of ethnicity and anthropology that may precede it.' With the latest exhibition, the artist slightly remastered her use of color and placement. Exploring further into thought-provoking shapes that resemble partially abstract figurines to bold and powdery hues all the while remaining true to her essence of black and white materials. In particular Coson's use of larger scale pieces of Perspex sheets combined with wool and steel bolts, shows the artist’s capability to diversify the overall visual of her monotype prints. Continue Reading


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Images Courtesy of Display Gallery

Special Thanks Caroline Minar