No.14 "Fragments"


Introducing No.14 “Fragments”. A conceptualization of materials gathered to create an outcome. Everything is built in stages, and inside this edition we deliver the visual conclusion from strategies built from a single idea. Our initial outlook this season is to exhibit visually impactful curators who base their craft upon piecing together various methods. 

Gracing the covers of The S.S Edition Sarah Abney, Shennai Saunders, Farina and Brave Williams. Curated and photographed by four remarkable visionaries Ace Amir, JD Barnes, Gregory Keith and Kenneth Jones. Featuring exclusives with sculptor Jan Abt, designers Haze, fy:r clothes and Mineral Weather. Diving into music with Baltimore's sweet heart Brave Williams. Also an exciting series of spoken word by Sáfara Millet, including a snippet feature on the first solo exhibition for artist's Nicole Coson's at the Display Gallery in London.