Examining Reason


Interview Irina Romashevskaya

Keegan Luttrell’s work is not just thought provoking. This multi-media artist bravely questions the laws of the physical world, or simply pokes at today’s social and cultural norms to uncover the underlying issues. It is why perhaps that her art draws you in, forcing your own existential concerns to be reexamined. 

What is art?

Art is experience. It is awareness. It is this unifying thread between individuals that heightens our perception of our existence and makes us question the unknown, or rather, what we thought we knew.

What was your first art piece?

There were so many first pieces growing up in a family of artists. I just kept drawing and painting. And then I discovered photography. My first serious body of work was a photographic comparison of the North vs. the South. My mom was from New Jersey, my dad was from Tennessee and as a teenager I was conflicted about where I was from. 

Examining Reason Interview Continued No.12