JD Barnes approach to his photography can be summed up in one phrase “Today everything exists to end in a photograph”. He works from West St Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Here’s JD Barnes story ‘Fragments’. In his story featuring Shennai Saunders, she is seeking moments that were lost, and investigating a way to start anew. Read more.

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During my exploration of the human nude, I discovered that from as far back as 500BC, the human nude has been celebrated in various forms. The Egyptians, followed by the Greeks and Romans, celebrated the nude in sculptural art before it landed on English shores, where the Christians felt the need to censor the art. They covered up the artworks genitalia behind leaves and bits of cloth to protect the people from indecency. Fast-forward two thousand years and this mindset still stands within our psyche. Because of religion, censorship has dictated how we perceive the human body as a whole… Sacred, sometimes taboo, indifferent and occasionally wrong. Read more.


Melbourne based fashion photographer Bonnie Hansen started her career in the fashion industry working in advertising. She decided to pursue her dream of getting behind the lens instead of being stuck behind a desk and has since proved herself as a professional fashion photographer.  

Here’s Bonnie Hansen intimate portrait of Phoebe. Read more.