Interview & Words Arielle Chambers

Tones of black, white and gray filled the City Bird Gallery January 29-31.  UPNY, the New York-based clothing line, hosted a pop-up shop showcasing the newest, Collar capsule collection.    The collection’s fashion statement transcends in its unique square collar neckline.  Two variations of the neckline exist: a square and a deep square collar. 

                UPNY’s designer, Allen Feldman pulled from his NYC-native experiences from the club scene and artistic environments to create what he can physically depict as “aggressive elegance.” While describing his inspiration, Feldman repeatedly alluded to his upbringing.  “People used to tell me that I should dress [and] act a certain way.  Those experiences really shaped me and made me realize what I like and most importantly,  what I dislike.”  His rebellion stimulated the origin of UPNY.  “I would definitely describe my line as androgynous.  

Deep Navy.jpg

We consider ourselves to be aggressive in a very discrete way [by] saying ‘I don’t give a fuck; this is who I am.’”  The declarative statements provoked by the clothing, in juxtaposition with monochromatic coloring, UPNY appeals to who Feldman terms as “the club kids.”  Though he is aware of his target consumer, the designer wishes to appeal to the young professional as well with Collar.  “I think that you can wear one of the square collar tees with a nice button up and [the pairing] could be something that really distinguishes you at a party.” With squares in the front and back, Feldman’s details differentiate from other tops.

                In the near future, Feldman will continue to evolve UPNY.  As the square collar rises in popularity, the line will not become stagnant.  The designer has plans to collaborate with various artists, some with whom he has already collaborated, such as painter and illustrator, Ian Bertram, and graffiti artist, Chris Mendoza.

The release party, “Pop-Down” featured DJ Becka Diamond and DJ Steve Pagan who provided wonderful mixes to give a great energy to Feldman’s work on display for UPNY’s Collar capsule collection. All attendees in monochromatic clothing enjoying the musical selection just verified Feldman’s credibility of appeal.  Club kid or young professional, UPNY’s Collar raises the bar in revolutionary style. 

Images Courtesy Of Anthony Prince