Interview Vera Shaban

Chad Wys has a very interesting career, which includes the work as a Visual artist, Designer and Writer. Our attention was attracted by how he uses contemporary digital technology to intervene Art History. I tried to find out how it all happened in his life.

Recently ended Art Basel, have you attended this event?

o, I didn't personally attend.  However, my work made an appearance this year at the adjacent Context fair, part of Art Miami--thanks to my representatives at Converge Gallery.  From what I hear it was equal parts excitement and chaos, and a pretty amazing chance to experience a diverse array of artists.

Where did you study? Why did you choose a profession artist?

I studied Visual Culture t Illinois State University in the Midwest US.  That program consisted of an examination of critical theory (philosophy) and art history in tandem, but also visual information in general that influence our cultures.  Those academics influenced my work in countless ways; in fact, during my time as a graduate student I was inspired to create my first readymade. I don't know that I ever made a clear decision to become an artist.  I've been passionate about art all my life, but it was never clear at any one point that I would become an artist; in some ways it still isn't clear... I'm quite casual when it comes to art.  I've always been creative and expressive, but never much of a traditional painter or draftsman.  It wasn't until my early 20s, about a decade ago now, that I realized I didn't have to be a traditional artist to hone my creative voice.  I've been experimenting and challenging myself with new methodologies and mediums ever since.

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