Words Irina Romashevskaya

I always came to the beach to collect my thoughts. But today felt special.

Staring into the void, waiting for a miracle I sat on a big rock. The birds flew over me and I wondered if a storm was coming. Looking for a glimmer of light to appear on the gray horizon signaling a safe passage, I dove deeper into my thoughts. I must’ve sat there for an hour before realizing it was getting late. The sun was setting, and birds’ cheerful chirping was coming to a close. Despite nature’s persistent warnings, two seagulls were playing in the wind. They were so peaceful and content in their intricate dance, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. “Just let go and give into the wind, “ it seems the seagulls were saying. “Feel the wind pass through your fingers and hair. Continue the journey of Bliss featured in No.12.

Photography Irina Romashevskaya