Pas de calais

pas de calais FW16



Words Latoya P. Henry


Kaelen FW16


The vision of New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016, was a cosmic blend of color, contrast and monochromatic. Designers explored and created a variation of trends through expression, travel, film, art, social issues and personal agenda. There was an obvious adjustment that occurred this season compared to previous. Designers are opting out of safe mode and developing pieces that are strategically translucent. At that point I started to wonder, if it’s the phenomena of social media? Clearly it is, several mainstream designers are aiming to keep up with the footsteps of the emerging designers.


Mathieu Mirano FW16


Who are simply building a brand through the power of social faucets, catching the attention of younger and older consumers, with their visualization of design, altogether aiming to create a quality product and reemerging the dying breed of artisans. Hence the mainstream designers are eliminating the barriers of boredom and focusing on the overall presentation or show. People want to view beyond just the clothes, they want to see, feel, imagine themselves in the garments and photograph aesthetically pleasing moments from observing a collection.


Ground Zero FW16


DAMNsel FW16


Clearly, I am aware that NYFW is all about the clothes, but there is nothing more fascinating when a designer creates a conceptual scene around the clothing. For an extended period of time garment design have become safe, boring or uninteresting. For this season, the majority of the shows we attended seemed to display an articulate view on fashion presentation by incorporating, animals, sand, sculpture and visual arts. Through their set creations of a place, time or emotion, it gave us a stronger sense of what the designer wants to project to their audience with their collections. 


Feng Chen Wang FW16


NYFW Photography Imhotep Hester & Andrew Dong At Street Vue