Femininity Fuels Fantasy


Words Arielle Chambers

Hicks Gallery Wimbledon represented London based artist Amy Judd who channels her talent to portray whimsical, fantasy-driven images. With a bachelor’s degree in fine art and a Master’s in fine art painting, she has an extensive educational background allowing her to master her craft. Judd’s artwork aims to evoke emotion from her audience through composition, light and positioning of her subject.  Her chosen technique causes the audience to interpret mythological narratives or creatures within her work.  

Judd’s paintings possess a distinct style and uniformity.  Feathered wings accompany subjects in the majority of her work.  Despite wings carrying a generally delicate connotation, the feathers are positioned in a way, similar to armor, to protect the subject.  The wings often blindfold the woman, hinting at shielding her from outside influences yet this concept is left up for interpretation.  In addition to the feathered armor, Judd also paints images of birds flying to and from the subject; a clear magnetic force exists between the woman and the bird.  Birds chronically flying towards and away from the subject as the paintings progress.  Though the birds are significant factors in Judd’s art collection, the overwhelming shield of feathers make the paintings breathtaking.

Judd pays close attention to detail, as her brush strokes reflect a sensual, pink-pigmented woman in every single painting.  She purposefully juxtaposes the delicacy in the wing’s pattern with the flesh’s  texture.  Continue Reading.